If you’re looking for quality gynecology services in Brooklyn, Doral Health and Wellness is the place to go. This is because they have a team of professional doctors who specialize in providing gynecology services to women in Brooklyn. Whether you need a general checkup or are looking for fertility treatments, Doral Health and Wellness has the right services. You can also get Pap smears, birth control advice, and pregnancy tests done onsite.


Our GYN Brooklyn doctors have the skills to treat minor ailments and diseases and provide regular gynecology checkups. Doral Health and Wellness provides different facilities, including a 20-bed dialysis suite, a 10-bed infusion suite, procedure rooms, and an outpatient surgical unit. The health center has a holistic approach and offers services that address the physical, mental, and spiritual needs of people suffering from chronic diseases. More about Brooklyn, NY can be seen here.



The Doral Health and Wellness Center aims to deliver the highest quality care through outstanding medical services, expert clinical teams, and personalized attention. We believe every patient deserves to feel valued and respected. We are committed to offering women the care they deserve while providing an inviting environment that promotes healing, wellness, and lasting results. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional care in a welcoming environment that fosters trust, respect, and dignity. Call Doral Health and Wellness today to schedule an appointment. Click here to read about One Stop Shop for Women’s Health Care

Address: 1797 Pitkin Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11212

Phone: 347-955-3465

Email: info@doralhw.org

Website: https://www.gynecologistbrooklyn.com/