Green-Wood Cemetery is a 478-acre cemetery in the western portion of Brooklyn, New York City. The cemetery is located between South Slope/Greenwood Heights, Park Slope, Windsor Terrace, Borough Park, Kensington, and Sunset Park, and lies several blocks southwest of Prospect Park. Its boundaries include, among other streets, 20th Street to the northeast, Fifth Avenue to the northwest, 36th and 37th Streets to the southwest, Fort Hamilton Parkway to the south, and McDonald Avenue to the east. Green-Wood Cemetery was founded in 1838 as a rural cemetery, in a time of rapid urbanisation when churchyards in New York City were becoming overcrowded. Described as “Brooklyn’s first public park by default long before Prospect Park was created”, Green-Wood Cemetery was so popular that it inspired a competition to design Central Park in Manhattan, as well as Prospect Park nearby. The cemetery was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1997 and was made a National Historic Landmark in 2006. Wikipedia


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